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True Love Is Not Stressful

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

When love is real, it’s patient, understanding, and kind.

Sometimes, love is right in front of you. You feel an intense connection with someone,

but you are not sure if this connection is fleeting or if it will blossom into long-lasting


This blog will show you what true love looks like and how you can navigate your way

through it.

Three Powerful Ways True Love Changes Your Life

True Love Is Not Stressful

1. You Heal from Past Traumas

Trauma is often tied to the present inability to move forward in a healthy romantic



Past traumatic events such as toxic relationships, divorce, loss, or a physical accident

may result in carrying unseen wounds.

True love consoles you when you have a traumatic breakdown without passing judgment

on your vulnerabilities. It also encourages and supports you in your efforts to heal your


With the right guidance and true love, you can conquer your traumas and lead a

contented life.

2. You Have a Constant Support

True love provides a safe environment for self-expression.

Your partner patiently listens to you and comprehends your emotions. They also try to

protect you from any harm.

In true love, you are never alone because there's someone in your corner who will be there for you, no matter what.

3. You Experience the Brighter Side of Life

True love is peaceful. It makes you happy and confident on the inside.

You suddenly get the strength and support to do all those things that you previously

avoided—perhaps taking on an ambitious project, trying something new and inspiring,

or making a career switch.

It prepares you to accept yourself and your surroundings and live a positive life.

Potential Stressful Situations in True Love

1. Communication Gaps

Sometimes, you won’t feel understood by your partner or you won’t be able to connect

with what your partner is saying.

Communication gaps happen in all relationships, let alone true love. This is because you

both have individual identities and you can both be on different pages.

2. Sexual Issues or Complexities

Getting intimate is a sensitive and beautiful act of expressing love.

But, sometimes, keeping unrealistic sexual expectations or ignoring each other’s sexual

concerns can give rise to sexual complexities and ruin the act of making love.

3. Conflicts

Past traumas can sever a relationship on many levels. You may feel insecure, afraid,

cold, harsh, jealous, or even hurt by your partner’s actions. You may also find it difficult

to express certain things, which can cause future complications.

Although at the core, you care for and want to protect your partner, trauma can make

you behave otherwise, hurting or judging your partner. That’s the point when conflicts

begin to rise.

How to Overcome Relationship Challenges While Maintaining Your True Self

1. Put Yourself in Your Partner’s Shoes

In true love, you have to think of both of you—as a unit. When difficult situations arise,

think from your partner’s point of view instead of ignoring each other’s needs or arguing

with each other.

2. Express Yourself Politely

You might naturally feel angry or upset with your partner in certain situations. But, that

doesn’t give you or your partner the right to insult or disrespect each other to let off


You must express your emotions politely and calmly and allow some space and time to

understand each other.

When you are respectful and courteous, there is a high chance you'll be able to convey your emotions and intentions in the right manner.

3. Maintain a Healthy Space

Never lose yourself in a relationship. It is there to enhance your world, not consume it.

Spend quality time with yourself and your friends.

Don't give in to the social notion that in true love, you have to prioritize your partner over yourself. Instead, maintain a healthy balance of each other's individuality. That

way, you won't exhaust your partner and you’ll thrive in free space.

Final Thoughts

True love can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you think you have found your

special someone, don’t miss a chance at happiness. Connect with me for a free 15-

minute session for any love-related questions. It will be my pleasure to guide you on

your journey to true love and show you how to keep it!


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