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Are you Ready for Love?

Let’s Create your Happily Ever After!

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As your Love and Relationship Coach, I will help you...

Love and Relationship Coach

Heal from past relationship hurts.

Rebuild your relationship with self, including your confidence and self-esteem.

Reduce stress and anxiety caused by dating and learn how to avoid toxic relationships.

Learn how to deal with rejection and believe that your person is out there waiting for you.

Understand the mindset and attachment style of your partner.

Crush self-doubt and reposition your approach to dating and relationships.

Become a fearless, adventurous dating magnet and be ready to take on the dating world!

Get what you want out of relationships by expressing your true desires.

Let go of fears holding you back and remain the authentic you. 

Unveil why no one can live up to your "wish list".

And much more!

About Me

About Me & Vision


As a seasoned authority in the realm of dating and relationships, my primary focus revolves around supporting accomplished executives and entrepreneurs on their quest for the true love and happiness they unquestionably deserve.


My approach is centered on equipping individuals with practical tools and proven strategies, fostering unwavering self-confidence, facilitating the healing process from past traumas and toxic relationships, and deftly navigating the intricate, and at times daunting, world of dating. 


My ultimate objective is to empower my single clients to not only attract, but nurture, vibrant, healthy, and fulfilling relationships, all while upholding the essential values of mutual respect, understanding, and authenticity.


My expertise extends to couples seeking to fortify their bonds through enhanced communication and a deeper understanding of one another. I specialize in guiding couples toward embodying empathy and forgiveness, reigniting the flames of love, romance, passion, and intimacy that might have dimmed over time. 

As a dedicated Matchmaker, I understand the formidable journey of discovering your one true soulmate. I've walked that path myself, so I understand the challenges you face. Now, having found my own happiness, I'm impassioned to extend a guiding hand in your quest to find your perfect match. 


With over 16 years of experience, I've helped many successful individuals find their life partners, repair existing relationships, build healthy and fulfilling partnerships, as well as match for marriages and lasting companionship. 


I will show you how to find L❤️VE, and more importantly, how to keep it!


My Services for Singles and Couples

Depending on which stage of finding your "forever" you are in, you'll find an option below. If you're not sure, send me an email and we'll determine your needs.

Who Do I Work With:

30+ years old | Single | Dating | In a Relationship | Couples |
Anywhere in the US, Canada, & Europe | Local to NY

Together, we'll rekindle your love and romance, unlock your potential, and achieve your desired goals while transforming your life in the areas of personal development, dating, relationships, sex, and life in general.

It's time for you to live and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

You deserve it.
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Coaching for Singles

You deserve to live a fulfilling life with your soulmate.

Whether single or in a relationship, I can help you find your way and unlock potential you never knew existed.


Let me help you find your perfect match. We'll start with a questionnaire and take it from there. 

Those local to the NY Tri-State Area will have the opportunity to attend local VIP and public single mixers included in the services.
Love and Relationship Coach

Coaching for Couples

You deserve to live a fulfilling life with your soulmate.

Whether single or in a relationship, I can help you find your way and unlock potential you never knew existed.
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Contact me for a Complimentary 15 Minute Strategy Session

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Success Stories

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